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J. Moore (
Tue, 14 Nov 95 16:55:00 -0500

PC>You misconstruing the nature of this debate, Phil. AAT stuff does not
PC>get "serious peer-review"; it does not get scientific editorializing;
PC>Ms Morgan does not get invited to PA meetings. She would never be
PC>allowed to present papers at them. Consequently there are no, or few,
PC>"authoritative" papers for references. It's usually silly to ask.

PN> What is interesting is that this is the exact same argument used by
PN> creationists. Indeed Duane Gish said this almost word for word at the
PN> 1982 Arkansas trail. I will therefore give the same answer I
PN> usually give on
PN> Bullshit.
PN> One can become a member of the American Association of Physical
PN> Anthropologists by paying a $50.00 membership fee ($30.00 for a
PN> student). As a member of the association you can present a paper or
PN> poster at the yearly meetings of the AAPA. I can assure you that if
PN> Ms. Morgan or anyone interested in her work were to submit an abstract
PN> by the require deadline (usually around the end of September for
PN> meetings held the last week of March or first week of April) they
PN> would find themselves on the schedule.
PN> Worldwide there are many professional societies that hold similar
PN> meetings and which publish journals. While peer review is a tough
PN> processes you cannot complain about being shut out if you have never
PN> tried.

Marc Verhaegen, a definite advocate of AAT, has published in
journals, including *Human Evolution*. It is certainly possible,
contrary to AATers' repeated claims. It is also certainly
possible, contrary to AATers' claims, to publish well-referenced
popular books with references tied to specific statements made;
many of the books on the best-sellers lists do so.

As for '"authoritative" papers for references', I would be happy
to see *any* references given for AATers' statements; I would be
happier if the statements made were actually backed up by these
references, which I have found is often not the case with the few
traceable refs Morgan does give.

Jim Moore (

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