elephant gods

Alex Duncan (aduncan@mail.utexas.edu)
13 Nov 1995 13:58:33 GMT

In article <486ca0$3rp@news.cc.ucf.edu> Thomas Clarke,
clarke@acme.ucf.edu writes:

>What I read in Ms. Morgan's books is that she believes (rightly
>or wrongly) that there is INDEPENDENT paleontological evidence
>that elephants had an aquatic ancestor. Since she holds this
>belief (rightly or wrongly) the form of her argument is not
>a tautology.
>[The argument may be wrong, but I address here only the
>question of whether it is a tautology]

As far as anyone knows, it is wrong.

>> It is very
>>similar to the argument:
>>1) god made everything
>>2) since everything exists, it proves the existence of god.
>Had to get some creationist digs in didn't you?

I really wasn't trying to draw any comparisons to creationism -- just
using the first tautology that came to mind.

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