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Mon, 13 Nov 1995 16:21:49 GMT (H. M. Hubey) graced us with the following

>Ralph L Holloway <> writes:

>>Well, Hubey, tell us what Eccles has to say about the differences between
>>chimp and human brains. I can remember writing a dissertation on the

>Book's name is:

>Evolution of the Brain; Creation of the Self, Routledge, 1989.

>>topic back in 1964, and publishing a number of papers which tried to make
>>the point that one cc of chimp brain was not the same as one cc of human
>>brain. So given your wisdom on this matter of complexity and brains, I'd

>Hmmmm... I don't go much beyond NN's :-)..

>There are indications that there are different types of neurons and
>some of them do different things. It's been known for a while since
>the days of study of vision systems of frogs and cats.

Is it known, Mark, or are there just "indications?" Don't suppose
you know what a Golgi stain is, when it was developed and what it
shows, do you Mark?

>I don't know how much one cc of human brain equals.

There are "indications" that it equals one cubic centimeter

>>be damn grrateful for you telling all of us just what differs,
>>organizationally, between chimp and human brains.
>>Ralph Holloway

>Sizes of various parts of human vs chimp brains are listed in
>tables in the book. There are also various models of brain
>function. YOu should check out my latest at my homepage on
>the brain, intelligence, IQ, heredity etc.

Given your response to the above I don't think I would consider
anything you have authored abou the brain to be authorative.

>I'm busy working on chapter VIII, and some appendices to get
>caught up much too deeply in more of this nonsense.

I wonder if the bibliography includes anything by Holloway?

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