Re: On predation.

Bill Burnett (
Mon, 13 Nov 1995 09:34:18

chris brochu writes:

>As for croc systematics and evolution, there is nothing currently
>available that I could recommend for anyone other than a diehard

Fire away.

Buffetaut has a chapter in the abovementioned book, but
>with regard to extant croc evolution - my current bailiwick - he is
>rather scant. Jim Clark's chapter in "In the Shadow of the Dinosaurs"
>(Cambridge Univ. Press, 1994) is a good analysis of crocodyloform
>systematics and addresses most of the current issues. From a
>morphologists perspective, Mark Norell's paper in Journal of Herpetology
>(1989) is still the standard reference on extant croc systematics;
>molecular research has yielded slightly different results.

Now this I'd really like to see. Same story, many places. :-( The trick is
to work on something completely structurally non-complex (like bacteria :-))
so no one has a basis to disagree with you... :-)


Thanks, will prob. start with Am. Zool. stuff as it's in the library here.