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J. Moore (
Sun, 12 Nov 95 10:15:00 -0500

TK> I really don't appreciate you quoting me out of context. If you are going
TK> to quote me, I wish you would put what I was orginally responding to.

I'm so sorry; I simply thought that since you were digging up an
old post of mine, I was allowed to dig up your response to it.
You supplied the context. I forgot that as an AATer, you are
supposed to be accorded a special, priveleged position, although
I've never understood just why this is.

TK> The fact is the salwater crocodile is mainly found in fresh water
TK> habitats. You had posted this orginally, and I was simply reminding you
TK> of this fact.

And I was pointing out that this is not what my post(s) said; they
said that several species of crocodiles, including Nile crocodiles
and Indopacific crocodiles -- two very large and extremely
dangerous species -- are commonly found in both habitats, and that
contrary to your continued insistence that they simply "tolerate"
saltwater, they in fact can and do live in saltwater environments

As for your (inaccurate) claims that crocodiles aren't found in
the open ocean, not only did I show that was wrong but also
pointed out that it has nothing to do with a purported aquatic
ancestor of humans, unless you're proposing that they lived
exclusively in the open ocean far from land.

TK> water body of water, but they don't live out in the open ocean. And they
TK> don't live on shorelines that have a significant amount of wave action.
TK> And they don't live in many freshwater lakes in eastern Africa. These
TK> last two points you seem to be conveniently ignoring in your responses.
TK> Troy

I've noticed you've never posted any evidence whatsoever to back
up your above statements. You couldn't do "many lakes", but you
could do "a couple lakes", if you'd try. The first point is moot,
unless you're suggesting that those aquatic ancestors lived
exclusively in areas of big surf, for which they would seem
spectacularly ill-suited.

Jim Moore (

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