Re: Skull binding and Neandertals

Craig Hagan (
12 Nov 1995 23:29:25 GMT

H. M. Hubey ( wrote:

: I seem to remember reading in history that
: the Huns practiced binding the heads of
: children so that they got high foreheads.

: I also seem to remember that some American
: Indian tribe also did so. It's hard to
: imagine that it would be completely independently
: developed, so I'd guess that it came from Asia
: someplace and the custom might go back about
: 13,000 years or more.

: What if the custom goes back even further,
: perhaps back to the days of the Neadertals
: and that they were doing this to look like
: Cro-magnons and that the custom just got
: stuck in some rut in some tribe lost from
: the rest of humanity and survived. Would this
: not indicate that the two were mixing and that
: somehow there was a premium placed on not
: being flat-topped?

: If we consider this in light of stories all over
: Eurasia and America about Bigfoot, Sasquatch,
: Yeti (?) maybe these are dim memories of distant
: events?

I find this to be an interesting possibility, however, I
do feel that it would be unreasonable to rule out
co-development of similar ideas/fashions or even
reasons for performing such acts. However,
what may be interesting, should your ideas prove true
is that it could demonstrate population migrations over
time and lead to potential cultural interactions between established groups.

-- craig