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H. M. Hubey (
10 Nov 1995 23:38:18 -0500 (Phil Nicholls) writes:

>from the fact -- and I could very well be wrong about this -- salmon
>is found only in North America. Likewise I am not rejecting the

I think not, according to one book at least -- at least not
for that time period.

>It's just that in order to claim they DID used a particular resource
>we have to have EVIDENCE, especially if it is an important part of
>your scenerio.

You have a narrow view of what constitutes evidence, especially
if the scenario doesn't suit your views. Has anyone seen
our hominoid ancestors eat meat, or termites for that matter?

If I see that grizzly bears have enough intelligence to know
when the salmon run occurs and stand by the rivers catching
salmon on the fly I don't need any more evidence to guess
that smarter animals would have been eating them too, especially
if they were omnivorous.

>Native American's preceive salmon and other fish by smoking and/or
>drying it.

Smoking didn't occur to me. Doesn't that use salt too? How
would it preserve it otherwise?

>My question is very simple. Why do you believe they ate shellfish.
>Simply stating they could have is begging the question.

Lots of animals that hang around the water eat them. IF bears
can catch the salmon run and otters can eat shellfish so did


Regards, Mark