Re: more on aquatic elephants
10 Nov 1995 14:53:40 GMT

Alex Duncan <> wrote:
Humans have
>a lot of subcutaneous fat because we eat a lot. You'll see the same
>thing in a lot of mammals in zoos, especially the carnivores, orangutans
>and gorillas.

Do !Kung people overeat and get fat? And, more importantly, how fat are
their babies?

>To get back to the elephant thing -- the AAT position on elephants is
>that they have aquatic ancestors. Why? Because the features that
>elephants and humans have in common can then be used to argue that humans
>also have aquatic ancestors (after all, if humans have these features
>because we evolved in an aquatic environment, then that must be why
>elephants have them). The problem is that you're assuming what you're
>trying to prove. It is tautalogical, and the very lamest excuse for
What's your explanation of the convoluted vaginal pathway of elephants
then? To copulate, the male elephant has to sit down and the female
lowers itself onto the male's lap. I think this indicates that elephant's
ancesters must have copulated face-to-face at one point. I doubt they had
bipedal ancesters, and that fact that the human vagina has swung forward
is explained as a consequence of bipedalism. How would you explain this?

James Borrett.