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EM> -- Question 6. What is JDM playing at? He deliberately sets out, by
EM> f=giving page numbers without relevant quotations, to give the
EM> impression that William Frey actually believed all those stories of
EM> weeping pets.. His personal opinion of the emotional pussy cats and
EM> puppy dogs and lambkins was clear

And that would the conclusion of Frey's that I quoted at the very
top of my post... Hardly what I'd think would give the wrong
impression. To refresh your apparently faltering memory, the
first paragraph of my post was this quote from Frey:

"Until evidence of other animals shedding emotional tears is well
documented, I will continue to maintain that emotional tearing
generally occurs only in humans. I agree with Montagu's view that
'the shedding of tears as an accompaniment to emotional distress
has been attributed to other animals... The truth, however, appears
to be that while some of these animals may on occasion exhibit the
evidences of tears, this occurs very seldom, and is the exception
rather than the rule. ...Psychic weeping is not known to occur as
a normal function in any animal other than man.'"
(William H. Frey 1985: 147. *Crying: The Mystery of Tears*
by William H. Frey, Ph.D. with Muriel Langseth.
Minneapolis: Winston Press.)

You also quoted (part of) this passage in your post, while
claiming I had not done so. Your quote, however, was somewhat

EM>"I agree with Montague's view that psychic weeping is not known to occur
EM>as a normal function in any animal other than man." (Ibid p 147)

Note that Morgan, as she is wont to do, has altered Frey's quote
without any indication that she has done so.

Elaine, just so this is really clear: altering quotes is considered
dishonest in the field of non-fiction, whether "specialist" or

EM> Phil Nicholls weaves and dodge more elegantly.

I'm sure Phil will be glowing at this praise, coming as it does
from a master of the side-step shuffle.

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