re: Predation

Troy Kelley (
Thu, 9 Nov 1995 14:54:31 GMT

Subject: re: Predation
From: J. Moore,
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 95 22:54:00 -0500
In article <> J. Moore, writes:
>TK> Your actual post was:
>TK> Indopacific Crocodile (*Crocodylus porosus*)
>TK> Habitat: Commonly encountered in marine habitats, the common names
>TK> Estuarine or Saltwater Crocodile are, however, misleading since this
>TK> species is often found in freshwater habitats such as large rivers
>TK> lakes.
>TK> J. Moore (
>TK> Wed, 21 Jun 95 18:58:00 -0500
>And from "commonly encountered in marine habitats" (and "this species
>actually occurs in freshwater habitats as well"), you came up with:
>TK> they occasionally get washed out to sea, and start
>TK> swimming for land, to get back to the safety of their low salt
>TK> environment. Some of them might even start swimming the wrong way,
>TK> could put them quite a few miles out from shore, but I don't think
>TK> qualifies as the main habitat of "crocodiles in general".

I really don't appreciate you quoting me out of context. If you are going
to quote me, I wish you would put what I was orginally responding to.

The fact is the salwater crocodile is mainly found in fresh water
habitats. You had posted this orginally, and I was simply reminding you
of this fact.

>Not only is this incorrect, it also contained your famous
>insistence that if "all crocodiles" weren't found in saltwater
>habitats as well as freshwater, no crocodiles would be found
>there -- an odd thought process, that one.

Again, I don't know what you are talking about with my "famous
insistence". Again, if you are referring to something I have previously
posted, I would appreciate the common courtesy of posting exactly what I
said AND the context in which I said it.

This all started when I said I know crocodiles are not found in the
ocean. I admitted to being partially wrong about this. You proceeded to
post an extremely lengthy message on the life and times of crocodiles
which actually confirmed the GENERALITY of my statement. If, by your
reference to my "famous insistence", you are somehow refereeing to my
general statements about the habitat of most crocodiles, then you have
gotten it completely wrong. I did NOT say if "all crocodiles" are not
found in salt water and fresh water then no crocodiles would be found
there. That is completely wrong. You have totally turned around what I
said, and labeled it as an "odd thought process", which I do not
Crocodiles can stand salt water, and might be swimming between land
masses at any given time, which might include swimming through a salt
water body of water, but they don't live out in the open ocean. And they
don't live on shorelines that have a significant amount of wave action.
And they don't live in many freshwater lakes in eastern Africa. These
last two points you seem to be conveniently ignoring in your responses.