Re: AAT Theory

Troy Kelley (
Thu, 9 Nov 1995 14:58:54 GMT

Subject: Re: AAT Theory
From: Benjamin H Diebold,
Date: 8 Nov 1995 21:58:03 GMT
In article <47r95b$> Benjamin H Diebold, writes:
>Troy Kelley ( wrote:
>[snip. And, bipedalism evolved for ]
>: 2) Traveling between trees. This is weak too, because when you are
>: traveling between trees you are at more risk to predatation. So, if you
>: happen to be still working out that awkward bipedal posture, on the way
>: to the next tree, you would be an easy target for another predator.
>: would naturally select out any hominids who even attempted bipedalism
>: while in dangerous situations.
>Why not take the predation during travel between trees as a selection
>pressure to develop better bipedalism? May the better bipedalist win!

Because quadrapedalism is generally faster and more efficient than
bipedialism. So really, why should one abandon quadrapedalism for a less
efficient mode of transport, in a dangerous environment?