Re: Soil eating tribes?

Kevyn Loren Winkless (
10 Nov 95 06:46:25 GMT

In <47tep1$> (John Shimeld) writes:

>Does anyone have information on cultures or tribes
>that eat soil as part of their diet?

>This question was asked of us by an elementary school
>student and left us speechless. Is there a gap in our
>knowledge? :-)

There are a number of african groups who actually _mine_ specific clay
deposits in order to use this clay as food. I don't believe its used as
a staple in the diet, but rather as a delicacy - a sort of "sweet" - and
people have preferences just as one might have a preferred coffee blend.

I believe the aztecs also prized and sought out specific minerals, but I
think that was for medicinal and ritual purposes.

The matter of "soil" eating was brought up in a Learning
Channel series (though the title eludes me), which is probably where the
student came up with the idea - bravo for educational television, hmm?