Re: darwin cliff notes

H. M. Hubey (
6 Nov 1995 20:44:42 -0500

Alex Duncan <> writes:

>Your suggestion that all of this material deserves no better than
>"Reader's Digest" treatment explains a lot about you.

Yes, it certainly does. I read War and Peace when I was 12.
And the last novel I read I can't remember, I gave up reading
stories around 15.

>Occasionally I have a glimmer of hope that you're not a complete
ignoramous. You've dashed it.

My, my we are strongly PC, aren't we :-)..

There's the story of the man who offered some
stupid fruit known as St. John's bread or something
to the hero of our story.I think it's called carob.
It's like an animal horn; hard as wood but has sugar.

Naturally our hero refused. But the man insisted. After
a while our hero got upset: "Look" he said "I have no
desire to chew on a kilogram of wood for a gram of sugar."

That's evolution.


Regards, Mark