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J. Moore (
Mon, 6 Nov 95 22:54:00 -0500

TK> Your actual post was:
TK> Indopacific Crocodile (*Crocodylus porosus*)
TK> Habitat: Commonly encountered in marine habitats, the common names
TK> Estuarine or Saltwater Crocodile are, however, misleading since this
TK> species is often found in freshwater habitats such as large rivers and
TK> lakes.
TK> J. Moore (
TK> Wed, 21 Jun 95 18:58:00 -0500

And from "commonly encountered in marine habitats" (and "this species
actually occurs in freshwater habitats as well"), you came up with:

TK> they occasionally get washed out to sea, and start
TK> swimming for land, to get back to the safety of their low salt
TK> environment. Some of them might even start swimming the wrong way, which
TK> could put them quite a few miles out from shore, but I don't think this
TK> qualifies as the main habitat of "crocodiles in general".

Not only is this incorrect, it also contained your famous
insistence that if "all crocodiles" weren't found in saltwater
habitats as well as freshwater, no crocodiles would be found
there -- an odd thought process, that one.

TK> It is interesting that in that lengthy post on predation, and the concept
TK> that there might be habitats that do not include crocodiles you pick this
TK> one little thing to quibble over. I guess this is all you coul come up
TK> with.
TK> Troy.

This post you've replied to was in response to your reply to Chris
Brochu; I hadn't yet seen your original post. A few days later I
did, and replied more fully. I guess an Internet-lag flame was
all you could come up with.

Jim Moore (

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