Re: How to avoid dying from AAT overload

Troy Kelley (
Mon, 6 Nov 1995 23:05:50 GMT

Subject: How to avoid dying from AAT overload
Date: Mon, 06 Nov 1995 21:19:56 GMT
In article <> C:DEMONSPOOLMAIL, writes:
>I've got an Idea, with a capital I. Why doesn't everyone who's sick of
>AAT start at least 1 thread which has nothing to do with AAT. That
>way, we might be able to have some decent discussions.
>Alex Duncan & co: If you hate listening to those stupid AATers pushing
>their dogmatic theory, why not start some threads about something else?
>Elaine Morgan & co: If you are sick of hearing those stupid
>AAT-bashers dogmatically ignoring your theory, why not start some
>threads about something else?
>David Chan (
>There is a subliminal message hidden in this sentence.

Yeah.. well I am sick of hearing people telling those who are having and
interesting discusion to talk about something else. Why don't YOU post
something interesting to talk about, or better yet, if you don't like the
AAT discussion, DON'T READ IT!