7 Nov 1995 22:29:24 GMT

In article <47kk6f$>, (Gerrell Drawhorn) writes:
> By the clear is the evidence that H.erectus and Giganto
> interacted? Aren't the sites where they "coexist" faunal mixtures from
> different time periods, including more recent ones. The "H.erectus" teeth
> may not be H. erectus, at all, but H.sapiens...from later deposits than
> have become intermingled with Giganto faunas.

Well, their dates roughly overlap, and they were both in China, but, no,
I never heard of any hard evidence for any deeper kind of "coexistence."
I would be surprised if there were any evidence for this -- after all (to
draw a rough modern-day analogy), would you want to co-habit with a gorilla?
I think it's much more likely that they avoided each other -- unless one
found the other good to eat!
I'd be interested in hearing from someone with more information on these
sites, if they exist.