Re: The straw man.

David Froehlich (
Tue, 7 Nov 1995 15:24:57 -0600

On 7 Nov 1995 wrote:

> You're a tad patronising here. I am fully aware of the process of
> scientific method. The bottom line is that all unfalsified statements are
> POSSIBLY true. Science can't tell you if something is true. Science can
> tell you if something is false, and it hasn't done this for AAT yet. Has
> it?

I meant to be patronising. You imply that AAS is actually falsifiable.
I on the other hand view it as an untestable model that attempts to
explain some portions of the data. You are correct, all unfalsified
statements are possibly true, however, for it to be science they must be
testable. The gene labs of Opuichi III are equally unfalsified yet
neither one of us would reasonably resort to such an explanation. You
stated you wanted the truth and I told you to look somewhere else. Your
statement reveals your thought processes and those thought processes
limit your science.

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