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Alex Duncan (
6 Nov 1995 13:57:06 GMT

In article <47d7p0$> Thomas Clarke, writes:

Tom -- I apologize for misunderstanding your position/thoughts on fat.

>I guess I missed the "pinch an inch". Still when I pinch the skin of
>my forearm [which is dorsal and which ventral? - the arms rotate -
>the skin asymmetry seems to be inside/outside not front-back when the
>arms are in the standard military attention position] I can detect
>a layered structure, the thin millimeter or so of actual(?) skin, underlain
>by several millimeters of differently tectured fattry(?) material.

To get ventral/dorsal for arms: stand w/ arms at sides, hands facing
palms forward -- all surfaces now facing forwards are ventral, those
facing backwards are dorsal. As far as fat on the forearms goes -- I
really doubt that's what you're pinching. Skin itself is often several
mm thick.

>Od you know if there is sexual dimorphism of fat layers among apes?

I am not aware that there is any sexual dimorphism in fat distribution
among apes, w/ the exception of the fat pads on the sides of the face in
mature male orangs.

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