Re: Excuse me while I sequence this genome Was Re: tree-climbing hominid

H. M. Hubey (
26 Oct 1995 15:19:16 -0400

chris brochu <> writes:

>You are badly confusing "directionality" with "history." That primates
>have an evolutionary history does not mean there was some determined
>"direction" to it; you ignore the many stochastic effects on evolutionary

I'm not ignoring stochastic effects. And I'm not confusing anything
with anything. Your mental model of what these mean is
deficient. See the works of Kojima, Roughgarden and others.
The stochastic behavior is all taken into account in them
when they cite the works of Karlin, Wright and others.

I've gone one better even but then again, I haven't read the
latest so it might have already been done. I'm only writing
as if it were already done by others since it follows quite
logically from the descriptions.


Regards, Mark