Re: chimps on the savanna? Nooooo.....

Alex Duncan (
27 Oct 1995 11:56:19 GMT

In article <> H. M. Hubey, writes:

>Number of simian primates plotted against degree of plant cover.
>Plant cover ranges from Equatorial Forest (EF) to grassland (G). There's
>no "savannah" because it means "grassland" or "steppe"
>as I already posted. The number is 8 at EF and zero at G.
>You want to argue; write to CEHE. Peter Andrews wrote this section.
>YOu should really do better than this.
>I guess CEHE is written by quacks, who fake data.
>You really should try to understand what you read.

So, basically, you're telling me that you prefer the data in Andrew's
little graph to the information provided by people who have actually
studied chimps living on the savanna. You, in fact, appear to want to
deny that these observations (of savanna-living chimps) ever happened.
Is this the case?

I believe you're trying to obfuscate the real issue, which is: do chimps
live in open habitats? Obviously, after making your ridiculously
authoritative statements, you have some stake in not looking like a total

In the interest of clarity, I ask -- do you deny that chimps live in very
open habitats?

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