Re: fat dogs

Troy Kelley (
Fri, 3 Nov 1995 13:56:15 GMT

Subject: fat dogs
From: Alex Duncan,
Date: 2 Nov 1995 00:30:02 GMT
In article <4793ea$> Alex Duncan, writes:
>In article <46o5kr$> Tom Clarke,
> writes:
>>Great! Perhaps you can enlighten us with firsthand knowledge.
>>Most of us have to make do with secondary reports and with limited
>>personal observation. E.G. The skin of dogs and cats is always
>>loose and thin, even in old well fed housepets, as opposed to the
>>skin of people which is thickened with fat. The pinch test as
>>an estimate of body fat is fairly well known.
>Sometimes I wonder where you live.
>Have you really never encountered a dog or cat with skin thickened by
>fat? Think hard about this one. They (especially dogs) are common. If
>a dog is fat, that means its skin is thickened by fat. Do you refuse to
>pet fat dogs?
>Alex Duncan
>Dept. of Anthropology
>University of Texas at Austin
>Austin, TX 78712-1086

I know this is a bit unscientific, but I have a fat dog, and I did a
little test the other night. Upon pinching her skin, she did not seem to
have a unusually large layer of fat. I do have a skinny dog too, so I
compared her to the skinny dog, and found that while there was some
slight difference, it wasn't noticable. The fat dog just seemed to be
more massive, especially in the muscle area. Sort of fat the way a
linebacker would be "fat". Just big in general and muscular, but her skin
did not seem to have a large layer of fat. At least no more than my
"skinny" dog.