Re: Sea Water Temperatures and the AAT (was: Re: Guide for anti-AATers)

Phillip Bigelow (
3 Nov 1995 14:45:15 -0800 (H. M. Hubey) writes:

>If we are talking about
>some kind of dynamic equilibrium, then we have to define
>what is meant by it.

Yes that is exactly what I was referring to. In other words, if your core
temperature falls when you are in the water, in spite of the fact that you
are producing internal heat (endothermic), then you are OUT of thermal
equilibrium with the ambient water temperature. The fact that the type of
equilibrium is dynamic should be obvious....that is, provided that you
accept the consensus that mammals (except monotremes) are fully endothermic.
I would hope that you do...

>If on the other hand, by equilibrium is meant, being able to
>keep the body temperature at 98.6 then obviously it is exactly
>as you describe. If we are hotter than the environment we try to
>cut down on heat loss so that we don't get cold. If the environment
>is hotter than us, we have to sweat to get rid of excess heat.

And of course, if one is unable to cut down on heat loss (because of high
surface area/volume ratio, 12 % body fat, and no hair), then it is
physiologically safer to have your habitat out of the water.