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Alex Duncan (
2 Nov 1995 17:17:53 GMT

In article <479cs8$> Thomas Clarke, writes:

>distal limb elements

Can you read? I said DISTAL LIMB ELEMENTS. If you can pinch an inch on
your forearm (especially the ventral surface) then you must be a
grotesquely obese individual. I did not say PROXIMAL LIMB ELEMENTS.
However, even there, fat distribution is not what we would expect to see.
Especially on the arms, fat tends to be concentrated on the dorsal
surface, leaving basically paper thin (heat radiating) skin over the
ventral surface. There is also a sexual distinction in how fat is
distributed in these regions, with females tending to put on more fat on
upper arms and thighs than males.

The point is that if we have aquatic ancestors, we should expect to have
LOTS of fat on the arms and legs to protect against hypothermia. We

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