Re: Where is potassium found?

Phillip Bigelow (
26 Oct 1995 12:34:45 -0700 (H. M. Hubey) writes:

>Is there any place in Africa where large concentrations
>of potassium salts would be found?

In terms of available soluable potassium in the diet, just about any
tropical fruit from the African rainforest provides a very rich source of
dietary potassium. Perhaps too much. Most green leafy vegatables are
loaded with potassium too. For the gorillas and chimps, without a
potassium-dumping mechanism they may be in serious trouble..

>Are there any animals which would be a rich source
>of potassium, i.e. sea food of any kind?

Yes, shellfish have approximately the same amount of potassium as does a

>Is there any reason why potassium would be secreted?

Yes, too much potassium in Primates' hearts will stop the heart.
During open-heart surgery, cardiologists will inject potassium chloride into
the heart to stop it from beating.