Re: Repost On Predation... Re: Aquatic ape theory

Alex Duncan (
2 Nov 1995 05:55:17 GMT

In article <> H. M. Hubey, writes:

>YOu should be more careful with your attributions.
>That was mine. And NO. It says that as long as the croc is
>bigger than the animal (and especially if it's larger than
>the animal) it won't be afraid of the animal.
>Else, it would/could avoid it (e.g. hippo or elephant). That
>was in reference to threats etc.

If you'll read back carefully, you'll see that I was well aware who the
original source of the material was. "IB" at present only refers to one
person: HMH. I was just letting Jim know that it was POSSIBLE to
discover a meaning for your sentence, and I provided the most obvious
one. Granted, it didn't make a lot of sense, but a lot of stuff from you
has the same problem.

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