Body Temperature and Overreaction

H. M. Hubey (
1 Nov 1995 22:12:00 -0500

About the mammalian body temperature

>What 'evidence' are we talking about? I see another cute but unsupported
>hypothesis. Since I'm not sufficiently desperate for an explanation to

Got that wrong again :-) This was speculation not a hypothesis :-)..

It will become a hypothesis later..

>What sort of direction do you want for evolution? Going to tell us you're

I don't want any kind of direction for evolution. It's already there.

It depends on whether the irrational overreaction to creationism
can be overcome and the mathematical models understood.

>'higher' than a worm again? Richard Owen and victorian Britain thought
>that, and Darwin and Huxley were trashing them 150 years ago, before the

That was Darwin's problem and ignorance, not mine.

See my other posts.

>'Origin' was even published. Ask Tom Clarke for a copy of Dawkins, there's no
>need for a direction except human insecurity.

The direction is already there. And no, I don't have to feel superior
to a worm. I don't need it :-)..

>As for falling rocks and salty oceans I can only suggest Newton and a decent
>physical oceanography text.

Say what?

Do you read things carefully?


Regards, Mark