Re: Sodium homeostasis...

Thomas Clarke (
2 Nov 1995 13:07:07 GMT

In article <> (J. Moore) writes:

>Vi> Nevertheless, electrolyte loss through sweating is a problem, because
>Vi> people drink fresh water to replenish their fluid loss, so the net
>Vi> result is a constant fluid content, with fewer salts. Thus the advent
>Vi> of electrolytically balanced drinks for athletes.
>Vi> <== faster % Pete Vincent

> Neither of these facts alter the fact that neither sweating
>or tears are useful means of ridding the body of excess sodium,
>and that this contrasts dramatically with the function of the
>renal system, which produces hypertonic urine and is therefore
>able to effectively rid the body of excess sodium.

Huh? Did I miss something? Sweat doesn't cause the loss of salt
and hence sodium?
You have never sweated?

I take your point that the primary purpose of sweating is not
sodium/salt regulation, but sweating can sure cause the loss
of sodium.

Tom Clarke