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Ja> > Are there any serious scientific publications on the so called
Ja> > aquatic ape theory ?

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Ja> M. Verhaegen
Ja> James Borrett

Although Marc Verhaegen writes in journals (something Morgan
claims can't be done) his work is pretty hard to take seriously.
To give him credit, he does make concrete statements and give
references, but when you read someone who makes such claims as
insisting that the rhinoceros is an aquatic mammal...

Verhaegen also uses the McGraw "swimming babies" reference without
any mention of the fact, which I pointed out recently, that the
reactions of these babies was "quite similar to those of other
young quadrupeds in water" and is therefore not evidence at all
for the AAT.

Verhaegen also uses as AAT "evidence" the fact that we produce
"dilute urine"; i.e., he considers the fact that our kidneys
*can't produce urine as concentrated as all marine mammals*
to be evidence *for* the AAT. This is bizarre, to say the least,
as it should be rather obvious that this fact is actually evidence
which seriously weakens the AAT.

I won't even get into his views that Neandertals' cranial features
are adaptations to an aquatic existence...

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