Re: Guide for anti-AATers

H. M. Hubey (
30 Oct 1995 22:33:15 -0500 (Phillip Bigelow) writes:

> (H. M. Hubey) responded:
>>If we add 10-20F to the present we can get the temperature range
>>needed. I'd have to check to see what the mean temperature was
>>around a few million yrs ago.

> The mean temperature of WHAT body of water? Lakes? Rivers? Ponds? Swamps?
>Estuaries? Oxbows? Marine embayments? Open marine water? There is no
>"single mean" temperature during the Pliocene.

WE went through this already. There are places where the temp
hits about 90F. Adding 10-20F would put the temp at 100-110F
in these places. Naturally they'd have to be tropical.

YOu can find hot water even in shallow areas along the sea
shore where the sand bars and things can trap the water and
allow the sun to warm it up.

> I am getting the impression that Morgan and her followers haven't given a
>lot of thought to this problem. Morgan still espouses the "Danakil region"
>with a shoreline marine setting. If so, even in the Pliocene, there is no
>ocean water that approached 98 degrees F.

I'm looking at p. 177 of CEHE. The oxygen isotope ratio (O18/O16) is
pointing towards 5.0 at the top of the chart (which is the present
time) and it falls as we go back. Since less O18 is precipitated
at high temperatures (relative to O16) that means is was hotter
before. Unfortunately it's not possible to get a more accurate
reading from the graph. But so far it looks like it is now
the coldest for the past 60 million years since the ratio is
the highest now in the past 60 million years.

Meanwhile the global sea level has lost about 400 meters over 60
million years. But during the Pliocene and Pliestocene there seems
to be a drop and increase of about 100 m peak to peak. It would
have been nice to see a blow up of this time period with more
accuracy but I don't see any indication of what you write.


Regards, Mark