Re: Morgan Tears 3.

H. M. Hubey (
30 Oct 1995 22:07:35 -0500 (Phillip Bigelow) writes:

>it is non-scientific to call them such
>anthropomorphic terms such as "crying" or "weeping" or "sobbing", because we
>don't know that the true cause of the secretions is emotionally-based.


>The DEFINATIVE statement would be to say that we don't KNOW if elephants
>secrete emotionally-based tears.

OK. Let's define "emotion" scientifically then.

Since you seem to be saying that crying/weeping/sobbing refers only
to emotion, then either only humans have emotion or there must
be some way to tell if animals have them.

How would you scientifically define and/or test for animal


Regards, Mark