Re: chimps on the savanna? Nooooo.....

H. M. Hubey (
30 Oct 1995 17:48:03 -0500

David Froehlich <> writes:

>Who is confused here. You are because you resist learning about the
>arguements. This may because you are a troll (my belief), because you do
>not have an open mind (another option), or that you are just ignorant
>(another popularly held belief). I am not trying to confuse you, you are

Explain the need for MST if savannah =! grassland.

>Who is self important here? I make no claims to omniscience and
>omnicompetence. It is you who have an ego the size of Detroit (all puffed

You're pretty arrogant for someone who makes no claims to
omniscience. AT least I know I have a big ego :-)...

The first thing you can do is to admit it instead of puffing
in secret behind your false modesty.

>Go get a real life and stop bothering us on the internet

Who's us kimmosabee ?? :-)..

>(This concludes my interest in anything Mr Hubey has to say. Once again

Thank you. Now I can discuss things with others who have interesting
things to write.


Regards, Mark