Re: Sodium homeostasis... was Re: tears

Sean Stinson (
31 Oct 1995 17:53:44 GMT


: Nevertheless, electrolyte loss through sweating is a problem,
: because people drink fresh water to replenish their fluid loss,
: so the net result is a constant fluid content, with fewer salts.
: Thus the advent of electrolytically balanced drinks for athletes.

Sean replied,
...which have been shown to be mostly a marketing
scam (nice reference!). Electrolyte balanced drinks are
only rarely needed. Marathon runners, triathaletes,...
but these people are all fucked up anyways, half the women
don't even menstruate! Most athletes DO NOT require
electrolyte balanced drinks. Sweating cuases an increased
concentration of sodium, potassium, chloride and calcium in
the body fluids, not a decrease. Sweating is NOT a method
of electrolytes excretion. The kidneys ARE. Look to urine
for electrolyte excretion not tears or sweat.