Re: Morgan Tears 3.
31 Oct 1995 11:44:40 GMT

Troy Kelley <> wrote:

>>It's unclear to me why AAHers would want to use elephants as an analogy

>I thought someone posted that elephants had some kind of aquatic
>ancestor? Didn't you see that Alex? Perhaps some kind of seal and
>elephants share a common ancestor (the elephant seal mabe?).
> I would not be surprised to find that elephants have been aquatic at one

The AAT proposes that elephants have a marine ancestor, which maybe they
share with sea-cows. Does anyone else have a good explanation for why
elephants are functionally hairless, have lots of subcutaneous fat,
convoluted vaginal passageways, retractable penises, violitional breath
control etc.etc.? I have also heard it claimed that elephants have the
vestiges of a long-range sonar system in their heads, but I don't have a

James Borrett.

James Borrett.