Re: Morgan Tears 1

Phil Nicholls (
Tue, 31 Oct 1995 18:57:52 GMT

Elaine Morgan <> graced us with the following

>Right. let's get systematic about this. Formulate half a dozen
>or more relevant questions and discuss, with references, in
>detail. Forgive me if I take them one at a time.

Let's assume for the moment that your right. Apes don't weep.

> One of
>the key questions about our species remains: "Jeepers
>creepers! Where'd you get those weepers?" I note that the SMH
>folk are not falling over themselves to supply an answer.
>(more follows)

This is hardly a key question and once again we run into the same
problem that we encounter with all of the other AAH "traits." There
is reason to believe that psychogenic tears are anything but a recent

A lack of an answer from those who reject your hypothesis simply
indicates an unwillingness to leap to conclusions about aspects of
human behavior that cannot be represented in the fossil record or
understood by means of comparative anatomy.

Phil Nicholls
"To ask a question you must first know most of the answer"
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