Re: Guide for anti-AATers

Phillip Bigelow (
30 Oct 1995 13:28:45 -0800

I wrote:
>>is close to 98 degrees F., but, face it LIKELY that many of these
>>bodies of water actually existed? How many bodies of water maintain that
>>temperature today? (H. M. Hubey) responded:
>If we add 10-20F to the present we can get the temperature range
>needed. I'd have to check to see what the mean temperature was
>around a few million yrs ago.

The mean temperature of WHAT body of water? Lakes? Rivers? Ponds? Swamps?
Estuaries? Oxbows? Marine embayments? Open marine water? There is no
"single mean" temperature during the Pliocene.
The mean temperature WHERE? Proto-Red Sea? Paleo-Nile? Lake
Victoria-esque Pliocene lakes?
I am getting the impression that Morgan and her followers haven't given a
lot of thought to this problem. Morgan still espouses the "Danakil region"
with a shoreline marine setting. If so, even in the Pliocene, there is no
ocean water that approached 98 degrees F.
The potential for falsifying the AAT on thermic grounds is looming
larger and larger on the horizon.