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Troy Kelley (
Tue, 31 Oct 1995 18:19:21 GMT

Subject: Re: Predation
From: chris brochu,
Date: 31 Oct 1995 16:27:18 GMT
In article <475ip6$> chris brochu, writes:
>In article <> Troy Kelley,
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>>As far as this crocodile thing is concerned, I hope Jim Moore won't mind
>>if we laid it to rest.
>I don't know about Jim, but as a crocodylian systematist, I won't.
>>Jim keeps insisting that crocs don't respond to threat displays. But I
>>would bet you that if I had a big sharp stick and some big rocks, that I
>>could make a croc's life pretty miserable if I wanted to.
>You're probably right. Nevertheless, there are numerous documented cases
>of a croc continuing to kill and eat prey items that tried to make life
>miserable. That they don't respond to threat displays by anything
>smaller than a hippo is documented fact. Period.

Chris, first you agree with me but then you say that they would not
respond to anything less than a hippo. So which is it? Also, I would
imagine that during the "act of killing" a croc would not respond to much
of anything, it has already committed itself, and is going to hold on no
matter what. Pit bull terriers do the same thing. But that is different
than responding to a threat display, don't you see? The fact is, I think
I could drive off a croc with a stick and some big rocks. I probably
could do the same to a lion, but to tell you the truth I would feel more
comfortable doing it to a croc.

>>The first was the shoreline of an ocean which has significant wave
>Check out the reference I posted elsewhere with a photograph of a croc on
>a wavy beach.
>BTW crocs may not frequent such environments, but these are about the
>worst places for a land-based mammal to make a living.

Well, whether or not a land based mammal could make a living there was
not the point of the post. I was simply pointing out that there are
places where crocs don't live, and you essentially agreed with me by
saying "crocs may not frequent such environments"

>I know jim we went around and around on the fact that crocodiles
>>can tolerate salt water. And I know they can. If they get accidentially
>>washed out to sea, they won't immediately die. But you posted yourself
>>the information that said the "salt water crocodile" was actually a
>>mis-nomer, and that the animal lives in fresh/bracish water.
>I would disagree. The Indopacific saltwater crocodile is found quite
>frequently in coastal waters. So is the Nile croc. Perhaps not on
>beaches that often, but in salt water nonetheless.

Well, the reference said "Salt water crocodile is actually a mis-nomer".
Whether you agree with that or not is up to you, but I know how much jim
prefers the "power" of a good reference ;) But it makes me wonder why he
doesn't reference Elaine Morgan very often ;)

>>Secondly, someone who's name escapes me, posted some interesting
>>information about whether crocs would be in mountain lakes. They are
>>about to climb up the side of a mountain to inhabit a cold mountain
>So I suppose the fact that they occur in such lakes in some places is

Well, this guy actually posted names of lakes in eastern Africa where
there were no crocodiles.

So let me get this straight. You are saying there are no aquatic
environment in Africa that are free from the crocodilian menace?