Re: Morgan Tears 3.

Alex Duncan (
30 Oct 1995 17:14:43 GMT

In article <> Troy Kelley, writes:

>I thought someone posted that elephants had some kind of aquatic
>ancestor? Didn't you see that Alex? Perhaps some kind of seal and
>elephants share a common ancestor (the elephant seal mabe?).
> I would not be surprised to find that elephants have been aquatic at one

As I posted on another thread, the "potential aquatic ancestor" of
elephants is Moeritherium, and unless something pretty drastic has
changed in the last 5 years, Moeritherium is a distant sister taxon to
modern proboscideans. In other words, it's stretching things pretty
drastically to suggest a Moeritherium-like ancestor for extant
proboscideans. As far as later proboscideans go, we have about as much
evidence for their being aquatic as we do for hominids, i.e., none at all.

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