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H. M. Hubey (
29 Oct 1995 19:04:01 -0500 (Gerrit Hanenburg) writes:

> (H. M. Hubey) wrote:

>>Ok. OK. So I have to refine it. I didn't think you'd catch it.
>>YOu should have written about the European pygmy shrew too
>>while you were at it.

>One counter example is usually enough to falsify a statement.

Subtract some number before you compute b/B where b=brain mass
and B=body mass. That'll take care of the pygmy shrew :-)..

>*You* brought up the idea of "evolutionary advancement".
>It's your problem not mine.I was only trying to refute it.

There's nothing to refute. Living organisms tend toward
complexity and not disorder. It's easily observable and
they're even giving out Nobels now :-)..


Regards, Mark