I. Khalil (u9114423@muss.cis.McMaster.CA)
26 May 1995 02:45:18 -0400

Lemonhead <> wrote:
>On Thu, 25 May 1995 wrote:
>> Well, "we Europeans" seem to be very variable in the body hair
>> department, while Asians and Africans seem to be much less so, and much
>> less hirsute.
> Any theories as to why this is? Here's just an idea that quickly
>sprung into my head: maybe Europeans are more variable becuase they are
>in transition from a hairier state, or maybe the other way around.
> Also, hair growth must have something more effecting it besides
>temperature, Europe is fairly cold, but not the coldest place in the
>world. Other people in cold areas don't nessecarily have lots of hair
>(the Inuit don't seem to be especially hairy). Could European's
>hairiness be a result of maybe interbreeding with Neanderthals? Although
>there is no evidence that I know of showing Neanderthals were hairier.
> One more thing, I've heard that some peoples from the northern
>islands of Japan are exceedingly hairy, so maybe hairiness isn't uniquely
>European after all.

Alot has to do with sexual selection. Alot of the European dames must
have liked hairy guys.

The Hab

P.S. You are thinking of the Ainu who are closely related to the Haikudo