Re: Polycentric or Rapid-Placement?

I. Khalil (u9114423@muss.cis.McMaster.CA)
25 May 1995 23:14:24 -0400

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<> wrote: >u9114423@muss.cis.McMaster.CA (I.
Khalil) writes: > >>I was wondering which model of the origin of modern
humans is more accepted >>these days: the multiregional/polycentric (many
H.habilis) or the >>rapid-placement (H.habilis-African) model. > > >I
think the single-origin model. Comparison of DNA suggests that the
vvarious human population groups are just too similar -- different races
may be as recent as 100,000 years, if memory serves. Different
evolutionary centers would be expected to prod uce greater differences
than the superficial racial variation that we have.
Yeah, this is what I think too. Can you check if this is right (it is a
theory of mine):

H. Habilis originated in africa 2.5 mya and gave rise to H.erectus about
1.7 mya. H.erectus left Africa to Europe and Asia. Our species
(H.sapiens) evolved from H.erectus in West asia about 3-500 kya and
spread to Asia, europe and africa. Modern Humans appeared in East and
South africa around 100 kya. At about the development of H.s.s. in these
parts of Africa, I believe there were Neanderthals in the extreme North of
Africa. Three groups are identified in Africa at around the stone age
(35-8 kya):

(1) Khoisanids from south of Egypt to East Africa till south africa
(these days they are only located in South africa)

(2) West Africa inhabited by "negroid groups" ancestral to Sub-saharan

(3) North africa from east of egypt till Southwestern France is inhabited
by a Cro-magnon type.

The North african peoples (ecpecially in the west) were part of a late
paleolithic culture called "iberomarusian" from 20,000 til 7500 B.C. The
Capsian culture, a pre-neolithic culture, spread from this area and is
related to an eastern Lybian culture that was similar. So, it
reached Lybia from Morrocco and algeria. Migrations from
this area in Lybia entered the Nile valley pushing some inhabitants south
and mixing with the inhabitants originally in the nile valley. The
Capsian culture was the more dominant. Later, from about 7000-5000,
Neolithic farmers from the Middle east entered North Africa and spread
the Neolithic culture to Egypt. This would correspond with the fayum
cultures in egypt.

What do you think?

The Hab