Thu, 25 May 95 05:38:34 -0500

NE>From: Jan Sunde <jansunde@stud.unit.no>
NE>Date: 22 May 1995 20:42:05 GMT
NE>Ben *still* has a point, though. No matter how much baldness is a result of
NE>mother's and/or the fathers's *genes* (not gene pool), the triggering of the
NE>"condition" is definitely related to age, with eventual genetic effects just
NE>accelerating/decelerating this process. In the majority of the population,
NE>baldness will not be evident before the individual reaches a certain age
NE>(usually way beyond finished puberty)

True, but the point is that young high status females do not prefer to
mate with pubescent males, more often choosing older, more powerful
males, even if polygamy results. The _onset_ of baldness is therefore a
sexually attractive characteristic denoting the power of maturity.
Also, I think that a receding hairline makes the forehead look higher,
therefore making the braincase look larger, denoting the power of higher
intellect (which is not necessarily the case, but hey, sometimes we
women get fooled!). <g>


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