Re: A. ramidus renamed?
Tue, 16 May 1995 15:54:37 -0500

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> I read a post just recently that said that ramidus was renamed. Could
> mail me a response with the new name and any sources to that effect?
> thanks.
> Dina Szabo

See Nature, vol 375, p.88 (May 4,1995) for a "Corrigendum" by White, Suwa,
and Asfew with reference to their Nature (vol 371, p. 306-312, 1994)
article announcing A. ramidus. The recent letter renames it as
Ardipithecus ramidus. A more detailed description of the new genus is
promised by White, et al.

Of course the worst part is that the new genus starts with "A", which
means we're gonna have to write out the full names when discussing both

Michael Seaman
Dept. of Anthro
Yale Univ.