Kanapoi Hominoid, KP 271

Jim Foley (jimf@vangelis.FtCollins.NCR.com)
19 May 1995 15:55:27 GMT

In Nature, April 7 1967, Patterson and Howells analyzed the lower end of
a 4.5 my old humerus known as the Kanapoi Hominoid, or KP 271. They
compared it with the same bone from humans, chimps and robustus. The
humerus seems to have most closely resembled a human humerus. In only
one of seven measurements made was it more similar to a chimp than a
human. Because of it's age, KP 271 is usually assumed to belong to a
gracile pith, but the equivalent bone had never been found in any
gracile pith so that's somewhat of a guess.

Since then, we have found the same body part on Lucy, OH 62 and I think
in A. ramidus. Does anyone know whether KP 271 has been compared to
these, and what the results were?

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