Re: A. ramidus renamed?

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19 May 1995 20:18:15 GMT

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>> I read a post just recently that said that ramidus was renamed. Could
>> mail me a response with the new name and any sources to that effect?
>> thanks.
>> Dina Szabo
>See Nature, vol 375, p.88 (May 4,1995) for a "Corrigendum" by White, Suwa,
>and Asfew with reference to their Nature (vol 371, p. 306-312, 1994)
>article announcing A. ramidus. The recent letter renames it as
>Ardipithecus ramidus. A more detailed description of the new genus is
>promised by White, et al.
>Of course the worst part is that the new genus starts with "A", which
>means we're gonna have to write out the full names when discussing both
>Michael Seaman
>Dept. of Anthro
>Yale Univ.

I haven't seen the nature article. Is it still considered a hominid?

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