Lemonhead (
Mon, 15 May 1995 15:25:08 -0500

I've just read Dean Falk's Braindance and I'd like to hear other
people's opinions about what she said. She seems to bring up a lot of
good points and theories (using blood flow to cool of the brain is one),
but she seems to cover some areas very slightly and skip some things
I don't entirely buy her theory for the origins of bipedalism
itself. If Australopithecines lived in a cooler environment, why would
they need to become bipedal? Falk's theory for bipedalism involves
minimizing surface area exposed to the hot sun. If Aust. lived in
cooler environments than Homo, they should have had bigger brains than
the earliest Homos becuase their brain size was not held in check as much
by high temperatures-- does the fossil evidence show this? Also, most of
the theories that I have heard for the extinction of Aust. is that their
habitat dissapeared with the increasing aridity of the time. Should not
Aust. have made an attempt to expand into other niches? Perhaps the same
savanah niche being exploited by Homo? Was perhaps Homo's dominance of
the savanah niche too strong to allow Aust. any room in it? If Homo was
so dominant, why are their fossils so rare?

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