Re: bipedalism and AAH

William Baird (
12 May 1995 17:56:56 GMT

In article <3oh3il$> (Phil Nicholls) writes:
>My point is that the common ancestor was not a knuckle-walker as has
>been fairly well demonstrated, that it was most likely an arboreal
>ape (clearly indicated by Lucy's limb bone proportions and curved
>toes) and very likely a suspensory feeder. The latter adapation
>would predispose it to be a biped when it moved on the round, much
>the same as gibbons and spider monkeys who are modern suspensory
>feeders. This is not to imply that humans are descended from either
>spider monkeys or gibbons.

So in theory, if we were to take a gibbon and slowly transform
its habitat into a savannah, then we'd get a biped? (Correct?) Or I
should say, we *MAY* get a biped. . .:) Evolution may not take the same
road twice. . .:)


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