Re: now for a really stupid question
13 May 1995 19:05:17 GMT

> (DWilhelmy) writes:
> ok. if you throw most mammals into a swimming pool they manage to paddle
> around, at least for a little while (not that i am speaking from
> experience). why does this not seem to apply to humans?
> is it some culturally-induced panic that makes it necessary for us to
> LEARN to be water-safe? where in our evolution did we forget how to
> paddle and decide to thrash and scream instead? and what about other
> primates?

All Humans can swim, it is just that when we are confronted with deeeeeep water our intellect
takes over and tells us that we can't swim.. We then panic and begin grabbing air in hopes to
save ourselves. In other words, we tend to think drown and we soon are.. Like a deer that has
been shot through the heart... I've seen deer run several hundred yards with no heart.. Why?
Easy, they have no concept of death and are more concerned with escape then the wound..
Humans on the other hand, if shot in the thumb may die if they consider themselves shot to

Mike (Mesha Kozupchik)