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12 May 1995 13:31:50 GMT

Lemonhead ( wrote:
: On 11 May 1995, Jack Dart wrote:

: > Can anyone tell me if there has been research done looking for the
: > ancestors of non human primates. All that I've ever heard about
: > or have been taught is that Homo arises from Australopithecus.
: > I want to know if maybe it is possible that the so called robust species
: > of Aust. are actually precursors to modern Gorilla.
: >
: > Any suggestions, or proof?
: >
: All Austs. were homonids, gorillas are pongids. Gorillas and
hominids wrong--Pongo is
quite distinct from the African Ape/Australopithecus/Homo clade.

: robust Aust. are no more related than other homonids of the time,
: including Homo are related to gorillas.

Harry Erwin
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