Re: Questions on _Lucy's Child_

JShreeve (
12 May 1995 07:34:05 -0400

At 1 m, OH62 was short even by pygmy standards. But I would agree that
the shortness of the individual may have been more of an issue because the
investigators were not pygmies. Johanson is about 6'2". Tim White, who
had just as much to do with the analysis of OH62, is average height for a
Caucasian. There were also Africans and one Asian among the authors of
the Nature paper on OH62, all of average heights.

I hope you enjoyed the book. I enjoyed writing it. I have a new book on
Neandertals and modern human origins coming out in September if you're
interested, called The Neandertal Enigma. There will be an excerpt in
Discover magazine, same month. James Shreeve