Re: I have a question...

12 May 1995 13:28:59 GMT

Jack Dart ( wrote:
: Can anyone tell me if there has been research done looking for the
: ancestors of non human primates. All that I've ever heard about
: or have been taught is that Homo arises from Australopithecus.
: I want to know if maybe it is possible that the so called robust species
: of Aust. are actually precursors to modern Gorilla.

: Any suggestions, or proof?

There's lots of publications on this. You might start with the new
Cambridge book. (Encyclopedia of something... It's cocktail-table sized in
paperback.) Gorilla is not descended from any Australopithecus species. In
my character database, there are at least 10 major characteristic changes
seen in A. species that G. lacks, and perhaps a half dozen in the reverse

Harry Erwin
PhD student in comp neurosci: "Glitches happen" & "Meaning is emotional"